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By generating an AMA template

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By formatting your AMA references

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By improving your research

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By improving your writing

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By saving you time and grades

What would you rather be doing? Spending hours formatting your paper or investing those hours to paying off your student loan? What if you could let EazyMedical format your paper for you with complete accuracy, freeing you to research, think, and write?

Let's do the math

A pediatrician's $175 000 salary is $60 / hr since you work 60 hours a week. If you are in another specialty, your salary is likely to be much more. EazyMedical AMA is $154.95, so it pays for itself when it saves you 3 hours. Depending on how much you've memorized AMA, EazyMedical will save you between 3-10 hours per paper. So if you write more than 1 paper in your academic and professional career, EazyMedical AMA has saved you a lot of time and grades.

A student-friendly business model

The traditional software business model is "planned obsolescence," where you have to buy upgrades to get bug fixes and keep up with the latest operating system. Not so with EazyMedical. All upgrades are free, for life! That means you get compatibility for every Microsoft Word update, Windows update, and even AMA manual update for free.

Instead, we package new features as optional addons to EazyMedical. If you like the feature, buy it. If you don't, enjoy your free upgrade to a continually faster, more stable, and always-up-to-date EazyMedical. With this addon model, you only buy what you need, when you need it, and avoid the problems and the cost of feature bloat.

"I learned about EazyMedical from my sister and I love it. I SUPER appreciated not having to look up how to do the biblio-graphy formatting."
Sarah Hudgins
1st year Medical Student
Université de Sherbrooke
"I am a huge fan of this product!!! Thank you again for your instructions and your time. You are a Godsend to this college student!!!"
Western International University
"EazyLibrary works great and I was able to finish my essay in a snap! Your program works miracles."
Tiffani B.
Utah State University
"Hey, from someone who has typed over 500 papers, I want to say that I really appreciate this product. The $150 was a BARGAIN!!"
Greg Bullard
Philosophy Student
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